Office Yoga

This program is designed to be accessible to everyone.  We briefly discuss movement, breath, meditation and how to fit all of these things into a busy office setting and then we move!  It's a chair-based practice to help release the stress of the day. Office yoga is one of my favorite classes to teach...I've been working in the corporate world for over 25 years and can relate to the daily challenges in maintaining a sense of well-being.  

Email me at  for rates and availability.

Private & Semi-Private Instruction

A more intimate and casual atmosphere allows us to focus on particular parts of your yoga practice or you can use this as a chance to ask questions you might not be comfortable asking in the midst of a larger class situation.  Friends' night in?  Book club night?  How about starting with a 30-60 minute asana practice designed to your desired intensity level?    

Email for rates and availability!


Studio Owner:  Aubrey Heinemann

6019 California Avenue SW

West Seattle, WA  98136

Spira Power Yoga

Studio Owner and Creative Director:  Dora Gyamarti

2332 California Avenue SW

West Seattle, WA  98116